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What can you do with a small business loan?

Pay for overheads

Whether it’s for advertising costs, accounting fees, utility bills or another kind of business overhead, a small business loan CapitalQ can cover it all. Ideal for businesses from almost every industry offers finance that is fast, simple and transparent.

Purchase inventory

Don’t let a lack of working capital prevent you from purchasing new stock or inventory to capitalise on potential sales. can help small business finance inventory and equipment orders so that you don’t miss out on any growth opportunities.

Repaying debt

Getting on top of your debt and refinancing it into manageable repayments can allow your business to continue growing. can help refinance small business debt with a simple and fast loan.

Help with cashflow

Making sure you have enough working capital is one of the top priorities for any business owner. A small business loan from is a quick, easy solution to keep the cash flowing and ensure the day-to-day business operations keep running smoothly!

Frequently asked unsecured business loan questions

What is an unsecured business loan?
An unsecured business loan does not require any security such as a house, car or piece of equipment. That means that your personal belongings are not at risk in the case of a default.

How are lenders able to offer a business loan without security?
Since unsecured business loans do not require any security, lenders will often look at your business’s cash flows, as well as, your personal creditworthiness to assess your applicability for approval.

How long does it take to get an unsecured business loan?
The time to get approved for an unsecured business loan varies between our lenders, however many are able to approve your application in as little as 24 hours!

What do I need to get an unsecured business loan?
To apply for an unsecured business loan you will be required to provide your business’s financial statements, tax returns, and/or bank account statements.

What are the interest rates on unsecured business loans?
Our lenders offer unsecured business loans starting at 1.0% per month.

How much can I borrow with an unsecured business loan?
Our lenders offer unsecured business loans for the amount of $5k to $250k for any business purpose.

What is the maximum term available for an unsecured business loan?
Our lenders offer unsecured business loans for terms of between 3 months to 2 years.

Let CapitalQ help you

Through our strong relationships and long-standing connections with these mortgage providers, we can often secure better rates and deals than if you were to approach them directly.

CapitalQ can bring the banks to you. We deal with all major banks and building societies plus others with which you may not be familiar.

While we specialise in home loans our experienced mortgage brokers can obtain loans for virtually any purpose including equipment financing and investment loans.

We can also advise on debt consolidation strategies designed to reduce interest and save you money.

Is your home loan healthy or sick?, For many a home loan represents a large proportion of their outgoings. If loan repayments could be reduced interest rates change or if new tax benefits become available it is important that you know how to take advantage of the possibilities. A CapitalQ can help you decide whether or not your current mortgage is still right for you

Business loans

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How a CapitalQ can help.

A quick consultation with a CapitalQ will soon determine whether debt consolidation into a home loan is appropriate for you at this stage. It may be that you consolidate some of your loans but not all. Whatever your financial situation, we can help you find the best solution.

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What our customers say

My worst nightmare was an ATO audit… when it happened, Tom and the Team resolved all the issues painlessly

I recently received the dreaded notice from the ATO that my business affairs were to be reviewed (a nice way of saying audited). As you can imagine I was immediately pretty stressed and anxious as to what would be involved and what the outcome could be. But CapitalQ handled the whole process so efficiently and professionally, they were able to answer all of the ATO questions and requests for information in a manner that meant further questions and requests for information were not required. This meant that the ATO quickly felt comfortable with what was presented to them and that I was doing all the right things and that there was nothing to be gained by digging further (which there wasn’t, but still, you don’t want them digging further if you can avoid it).


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