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Organise Your Finance Before Choosing Your Vehicle!

If you want an affordable personal car loan, CapitalQ can help you navigate your way to a better deal. Whether a standard secured loan, a more flexible unsecured car loan or a financing method with unique tax benefits such as a novated lease, CapitalQ can assist.

Our team of dedicated professionals can advise you on the best type of financing for any situation and help you to find a new or used vehicle you’ll love with a price to match!

Car Finance

Whether you’re seeking a vehicle for personal or business use, CapitalQ Car Finance Perth can provide a range of finance options to meet your needs. Our service covers personal car finance, business vehicle finance, leasing and car finance for those with poor credit history. Our team provide you with greater bargaining power and the ability to save money, so make sure you contact CapitalQ before your vehicle dealer.

Equipment Finance

To some extent, all businesses rely on purchasing, maintaining and operating some form of equipment. This may range from a few computers, printers and a suite of office furniture to highly specialist plant and machinery, industrial kitchens and a new fleet of vehicles.

Easy Car Loans. Fast No-Fuss Pre-Approvals

  • Low rate car loans from 4.85% (comparison rate 5.72%)
  • Low fees
  • Low total cost loans
  • Access Australia’s most trusted lenders
  • Same day settlements available

Caravan Finance

If you’re looking forward to hitting the open road in a new or used caravan, then CapitalQ will help you to find the best caravan finance for you and your family. Our favourable terms and interest rates will bring the fun and freedom of caravan ownership one step closer. Likewise, if you are looking to upgrade your towing vehicle then look no further than our low rate car loans.

Boat Finance

At CapitalQ, we connect you with the most competitive boat loans and the best value boat insurance, freeing up your spare time and getting you out on the water sooner? Ask us to put our knowledge and industry connections to work finding you the best boat financing out there.

If you already own a boat and trailer and are looking for a vehicle to tow it? Fill out an obligation free car finance quote today and be the envy of your mates tomorrow.

Bike Finance

Motorbikes are an affordable, sustainable and exciting mode of personal transport, and that’s why CapitalQ offers specialised assistance with motorbike finance. If you’re seeking low-interest bike loans, then look no further than CapitalQ Bike Finance.

Let CapitalQ help you

Through our strong relationships and long-standing connections with these mortgage providers, we can often secure better rates and deals than if you were to approach them directly.

CapitalQ can bring the banks to you. We deal with all major banks and building societies plus others with which you may not be familiar.

While we specialise in home loans our experienced mortgage brokers can obtain loans for virtually any purpose including equipment financing and investment loans.

We can also advise on debt consolidation strategies designed to reduce interest and save you money.

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I was headed for ATO disaster... but thanks to CapitalQ we nipped it in the bud

I know everything there is to know about the services my business provide, and I know how to do it well and how to grow my business. But I know little about, and don’t want to know about, the tax and accounting and administrative side of things. As a result I was always behind, always struggling with paperwork and administration that I never came close to managing or getting on top of. CapitalQ worked with me to get my head above water, then to streamline that side of my business and manage much of it for me. A huge weight was lifted from my shoulders, my stress levels completely subsided and life was great. The result … an unsolicited buy-out offer for my first business (which I accepted) helping to set up financially me and my family for life. I have now started my second business, and they are doing it all over again. Business profits are growing, and I am once again fighting off suitors!

Craig Wilschefski

Founder and Director of Home Loan Republic and Finance for Fitness

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