CapitalQ Now in WA’s South West…

The Team at CapitalQ are very pleased, and just a little proud, to announce that our brand new office in WA’s beautiful South West is now open for business!

The office is located at 9C / 19 Napoleon Promenade in the heart of the new, hip, happening and fast growing Vasse Village, a short distance from Busselton.

Optimistic plans coming to fruition

We’ve teased about our plans for expansion over recent weeks and months, and even took the bold step of announcing our new South West WA office in the latest Q Review magazine when we still hadn’t yet locked down a location.

But our vocal optimism was all part of a deliberate strategy that has finally paid dividends.

Many of you will have heard me say “build the plane as you fly it”!  It’s an idea I learned from one of my business coaches.

The phrase encompasses two key strategies for success;

One – Don’t wait till the perfect moment to act, especially when it comes to starting a business or taking your next bold business step.

And that is because the perfect moment will never exist.  There will always be reasons, sometimes even good ones, why you shouldn’t act just yet.  But if you let them get in the way, you will never act, and then you will never get anywhere.

Two – Sometimes, you need to announce your plans to the world in order to create some urgency and impetus for yourself.

My business coach recommended this strategy when it came to running seminars.  He suggested announcing the seminar, with nothing but the topic, then if people were interested in coming, you had created the urgency and impetus to get to work.

So we admittedly took a similar approach to the idea of this new location.

Pavan has been told it will take 40 years before he will be considered ‘a local’ 🙂

The Vasse Team

As many of you will already know, Pavan Sakaraja is the Client Manager responsible for management of the Vasse Office.

Though he will continue to work with a number of our Perth base Clients, including splitting his time between the two locations as required.

Pavan moved into his new home just a few minutes from the Vasse Office over the weekend (as the rest of the crew diligently attended to building furniture and generally setting up the office).

So we encourage all of our CapitalQ Community Members to pop into Vasse and check us out next time you are ‘down south’.

And of course don’t be shy about saying hello to Pavan and asking for a tour.

Maintaining our Focus on Ambitious West Australians

We’ve met a number of business owners and investors from regional WA over recent months who have told us the regions are crying out for good Accountants and in particular Advisers who can help them to build truly successful businesses, to create genuine lasting wealth and to achieve the financial freedom they so richly deserve.

So that remains our goal, both for Perth and for the South West.

We look forward to making a real contribution to even more ambitious West Australians.


Most importantly, coffees are covered.

Office Entrance Way.

Frosting and signage on the internal door to be completed any day.

Signage is still to be installed, but this gives you an idea of how it will look on the main village strip.

Reception desk, awaiting our next Team Member.

We are very happy with the way the Boardroom has come up. Though there are still a few finishing touches required.

Keep an eye out for Pavan in his bright orange CapitalQ truck throughout WA’s South West…

… and look out for the blue version whenever other Team Members are also in town!