New Year’s Resolutions, not so cliched after all!

I have always been very sceptical and largely dismissive of the idea of new year’s resolutions.  They always seemed a cliched way to make yourself feel good temporarily, but I assumed they never really amounted to anything for the vast majority of people.

I also held the view if anyone truly wanted to change something, then they should and would do what ever it takes regardless of the time of year.

Embracing New Year’s Resolutions

That was until this year, 2020, when I had, as they say a moment of clarity and realised that while I might have avoided calling some of my ideas “New Year’s Resolutions’, that is exactly what they were.

They were new ideas, strategies and plans I came up with and then decided to implement into my businesses and my life as of the beginning of the calendar year.  So what else could they be?

At the same time I realised that in fact many of the new ideas, strategies and plans I came up with this time last year, and in recent year’s prior, I had actually implemented and brought to reality all for the better.  Maybe I hadn’t made them happen precisely in the form or time frame or even regularity I first hoped for.  But I made them happen to some extent nevertheless and I am better off for it.

My Recent Past New Year’s Resolutions

Some examples from the past couple years include –

i) Improving how I manage my email by a magnitude of 10, even 100, drastically improving my productivity and creative output,

ii) Delegating ever more significant elements of my businesses to my willing and highly capable Team freeing me to focus dramatically more time and energy on high pay-off tasks,

iii) Adding a super healthy green smoothie to my regular morning routine which, based on the number of colds and flus I haven’t had in recent times, seems to be working.

So I have realised there is nothing wrong with the concept of new year’s resolutions and that in fact they can be highly valuable and effective.

The Value of New Year’s Resolutions

They are valuable because…

Firstly, any decision to make improvements is clearly a good thing.  So what brings about the decision, and what time of year, doesn’t matter.  What is important is the decision (and its implementation).

Second, it is the one time of the year when the majority of us are given permission, be it by the world or just by ourselves, to not be constantly getting things done.  To not be ‘available’ 24/7.  To not check our email.  To not answer calls.  To not be productive.  So it is the absolute best time of year to think.  Think about what you want to improve in your life, what you want to change, what you want to achieve.

And third, because that fact is our lives are dictated by the clock and the calendar and no matter how much we might want to avoid this, it is a powerful force.  So why not embrace it and use the (arguably artificial) new beginning to our advantage?

…please, let me know your New Year’s Resolutions via the comments sections on any of our social media.  And if you do, we will in turn do all we can to help bring them to reality.

Therefore I encourage all our CapitalQ Community Members to use this first week of 2020 to stop and think and to resolve to make some improvements to their businesses, their finances and to their lives.

Because even if you only manage to implement one or two of your ideas and even if they are only partially implemented you will still have taken incremental steps towards achieving your goals.  And when you do the same thing next year and the year after and the effect compounds one improvement on top of another you will find the gap between where you are today, and where you want to be, will have closed dramatically.

My New Year’s Resolutions for 2020

Ok, so I am not going to tell you all my new plans, and maybe I will explain why another day.  But for now, I will tell you one of what I guess you can call, my New Year’s Resolutions for 2020…

One of the biggest changes I want to make in my life, and in my primary business of CapitalQ, is to dramatically improve the quality and quantity of the education I provide to my Teams, particularly to the CapitalQ Team.  I feel I have some amazing people working for me here at CapitalQ, and I want to see them reach their potential.  And I know I have a lot to give, both as a teacher but even more so as a facilitator, and it would be a massive shame for me not to do so.  I also know that the more I can help educate and develop my Team, the more everybody benefits.  My Team will benefit greatly and being a part of their growth and development will be something to be proud of.  In turn the CapitalQ Community and its Members will benefit and at the end of the day this is what I am all about, seeing people achieve great things in their businesses and their wealth building.  Of course further in turn, as a bonus our business will benefit.  And therefore ultimately I will benefit.  As I write I am only reinforcing for myself how important it is that I bring this resolution to reality, as soon as I can!

I would love to know what some of your resolutions are, and if this blog helped at all in their formulation.  So please, let me know via the comments sections on any of our social media.  And if you do, we will in turn do all we can to help to bring your resolutions to reality.

Here’s to a successful and rewarding 2020, and to achieving great things over the course of this new decade!