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6-Point Taxation and Advice Guarantee

CapitalQ’s Outrageous “Industry First” 6-Point Taxation and Advice Peace of Mind 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

When you become a valued member of the CapitalQ Community you are covered by these further 6 guarantees:

  • #1 WE GUARANTEE by using our professional services, you will legally pay less tax and save more money than if you used any other Accountant or we will pay you the difference between what you originally paid the ATO and what you should have paid the ATO based on your Amended Assessment.*
  • #2 WE GUARANTEE you will never lodge another tax obligation late.*
  • #3 WE GUARANTEE you will always know in advance when your tax lodgement obligations are due.
  • #4 WE GUARANTEE you will always know in advance when your tax payments are due.
  • #5 WE GUARANTEE you will comply with all applicable tax laws and will have no issues with the tax man. *
  • #6 WE GUARANTEE to provide you with the most up to date tax and business information so you can make educated and informed decisions about all your wealth building and business affairs.

We can’t be any fairer than that can we? No other Accountant in the industry offers you a guarantee like this!

Terms & Conditions apply.

What our customers say

Having been a medical practitioner for 25 years, and having had several perth accountants throughout that time, I have been most impressed with the way CapitalQ have looked after me since I became a client some 4 years ago.

Kapil & Duncan should be commended for their professionalism, diligence and honesty.

Dr Marko Lambasa

Cosmetic Surgeon

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