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Allisen Longwood

Excel Hotshot / Accountant

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I am a recent graduate Accountant who before CapitalQ had been working in an Assistant Accounting role for a year. I am very excited to learn what CapitalQ has to offer and better my skills so that I can provide amazing services for you, the client. I have worked for the past ten years in many different roles, most of which involved sport or most recently the racing, retail & liquor industry. I have always endeavoured to work my way up to managerial positions or similar roles as I’ve enjoyed inheriting such copious responsibilities. Now it is my turn to work hard for you and I cannot wait to meet you all.

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I’ve always enjoyed designing, creating, drawing and building things. I feel it is a great way to express what is going on in my mind. I also enjoy riding motorcycles and have even been lucky enough to race around on one of the Barbagallo race tracks in a V8 super car. Other past times of mine are going to the gym, catching up with friends, watching movies, learning new excel formulas, playing computer/console games and going to the park and ogling at all the dogs I want to take home with me. A recent new love of mine is the sport of Gridiron, also known as American Football. I have played many different sports in my life, however this sport has definitely become my favourite. I have been with the West Coast Angels Gridiron team for a year now and accomplished more than I ever thought I would.