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Antoine Girardeau


Research Specialist / Graduate Tax Accountant

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I have a Bachelor of Commerce from Curtin University, double Majoring in Accounting and Finance. As a hard-working student, I was awarded every semester of my degree a Letter of Commendation as my results on each occasion placed me amongst the top students of the Curtin Business School! I am now intending to shift this hard-working attitude towards helping our Clients in their journey of seeking business and personal wealth development.

I am currently undertaking both the Tax Institute’s Chartered Tax Adviser program AND the Chartered Accountants Australia & New Zealand Chartered Accountants Program (yes I am super busy)!

Most people know of Chartered Accountants (“CAs”), but Chartered Tax Advisers while still a relatively new qualification is considered the world’s number one tax credential, and it is offered by the premier tax professional body in Australia. So I am very much looking forward to achieving the “CTA” post-nominals at some point in the foreseeable future.

Personal photo of Antoine Girardeau

Personal profile

My primary hobby is travelling, so I probably fit in well at CapitalQ. I really enjoy discovering new cultures along with different lifestyles. Among the various destinations I have had the chance to visit, the most memorable time of my life was when I lived in Nepal for a few months, in a small village in the Himalayan Mountains. I had the opportunity to learn very different ways of living and I also had the chance to meet wonderful people in the middle of breathtaking landscapes, so I cannot wait for my next trip.

I also really enjoy scuba-diving and I have a passion for airplanes. Back in France I used to take lessons to get my private pilot license but I unfortunately did not have the chance to finish it, however it is now on the top of my To Do list once I can get my head out of Tax law books!

You can reach me at the CapitalQ Office on 08 9228 7100 or you can learn more about me on my linkedIn profile.

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