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Senior Tax Accountant

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I joined CapitalQ in July 2019 which was the perfect time because before I had even done a days work I got to join the Team on their EOFY celebration and experience the now (in)famous CapitalQ hospitality.

I was also clever enough to let the boss beat me at ten pin bowling, and mini golf… and air hockey!  So I believe my future is secure here at CapitalQ 😉

I am a CPA with around 8 years experience assisting and advising Perth small business owners in relation to their tax compliance and tax planning strategies.  And now that I am at CapitalQ, I am primarily working with Kapil to help him maintain his high standards for his ever expanding community of Clients.  Naturally enough I have been very busy right from day one but am confident together we are kicking real goals for all those we service.

My short term career goals include taking my technical skills to a new level, and with the opportunities CapitalQ are providing me to attend industry seminars and events, as well as with our internal formal training, I am confident I am well on my way in this regard!


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Personal profile

In my spare time I like watching football (soccer), mostly English Premier League as well as Perth Glory who have been my ‘home team’ for some 10 years now.

Actually playing soccer used to be my hobby, but these days I prefer simple cardio at the gym.

As a devout Buddhist, I also undertake routine visits to my temple on Sundays.  This includes undertaking chanting and listening to Dharma in order to strengthen my inner peace and prepare me for any unforeseen challenges.

History, politics, movies, classical/pop music and travelling are my remaining interests (too many, I already gave up practicing piano!).

I have a particular appetite for history at present. Past events might be boring for some, but for me their influence can be traced to current affairs. Sharing and discussing different opinions in this area is always my favourite way to learn about cause and effect, and also hopefully to help us learn from previous mistakes.





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