Melanie Chua (Nee Goodwin) - Client Service Coordinator at CapitalQ
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Melanie Chua

Head of Client Operations

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I am CapitalQ’s resident Kiwi. I started out in a basic office junior role in my home town of Hamilton, New Zealand and soon worked my way up to being a Business Administrator. I later moved to Auckland where I continued in a Business Administration role. I then moved to Perth with my partner and have since been a part of the CapitalQ team, as Client Services Coordinator, for nearly 7 years.

Duncan says I am the glue that holds the office together, I don’t know if he is right, but there certainly isn’t much that goes on that doesn’t pass through my hands in some form or another.

That includes all formal completed document packages, so expect to hear from me with your next Financial Statements, Income Tax Returns and the like, oh, and Invoices ;).

P.S. I guess that is the reason I find getting leave approved oh so difficult (just kidding)!






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Personal profile

In my spare time I like to watch anime, read comics and hit the gym.

My husband and I also like to go indoor rock climbing, playing badminton with friends and board games!

I am a big kid at heart who loves giant pandas, our cat Dukey, who is spoilt rotten, and everything Disney.

While Perth is very much now home, neither of us are originally from Australia, so we spend most our holidays visiting family and friends in Malaysia and New Zealand.





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