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Sui Ng


Excel Specialist / Tax Accountant

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Sui is the most recent addition to the CapitalQ Team.

Having obtained her Bachelor of Business, Majoring in Accounting, from Edith Cowan University here in Western Australia, Sui is now a qualified Accountant AND is well on her way to obtaining “the world’s number one tax credential”, that of a Chartered Tax Adviser (“CTA”) with the Australian Taxation Institute!

Those qualifications also have her on track to become a Chartered Accountant with Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand, so no doubt there will be a series of new business cards in the very near future.

Her particular skills also extend to I.T. and software areas with very strong proficiency in Microsoft Excel, greatly enhancing the financial modelling capabilities here at CapitalQ.

Sui is extremely dedicated to her work and to the needs of her Clients, she continually goes above and beyond to achieve the best results and to do it in record time (5pm means little to Sui, if something needs doing, she doesn’t leave till its done).

She is looking forward to meeting more and more of the CapitalQ Community, particularly over the next, busy tax season as she takes responsibility for more and more of our Clients’ requirements.

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Sui is a native of Malaysia, where her Father is an Accountant and owns his own accounting business.

It clearly means she has debits and credits in her blood, and of course she has spent arguably a little too much of her youth working in accounting businesses.

Nevertheless, she does have a life outside work, and definitely likes to let her hair down when given the chance (it is always the quite ones isn’t it).  In particular Sui is expert Bar Tender, mixing some of the baddest Whisky Sours this side of the equator (just don’t ask for her recipe secrets)!

Enough said, when she finally takes a break from producing chargeable hours we will get her to update her own profile ????



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