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Meet the CapitalQ Team
The CapitalQ Team


Welcome to CapitalQ Business Advisors & Chartered Accountants

Why we do what we do …

We get a real kick out of helping people achieve their financial and business goals and at the same time, and even more importantly, helping them achieve financial peace of mind! If you are ambitious, looking to build wealth, build a business, achieve your goals and ultimately have financial peace of mind, then we are a perfect match!

We work with you

When you partner with CapitalQ you gain a team of highly qualified Advisors (all of our Advisors are Chartered Accountants or members of CPA Australia) who will work alongside you to ensure that all of your personal, and business, financial and tax obligations are met on time.

Once we have ensured complying with your ongoing obligations is no longer a problem, we get to work assisting you to build wealth, and for business owners to continually improve and grow your business and its profitability.

Your Business and Your Wealth, by Your Design

We know how things can sometimes feel like you are not the one in control. We also know how quickly and easily your finances and business can end up running at the whim of your creditors and your customers.  Therefore our aim is to never let this happen to you, and to ensure your business and your wealth functions as you desire, by your own design!

Take advice from those that are where you want to be

We are business owners, share investors, property owners in addition to being experienced Accountants and Advisors.  We have achieved what many of you seek, and we continue to work towards achieving further financial and business goals.  This means we are the best placed to assist with your similar goals.

We also know that all the financial success is worth little if you can’t enjoy it.  We work hard to allow ourselves to enjoy the spoils, including being avid travelers throughout the world, and we can help you take control of your finances and the way your business operates, to allow you to take advantage of the lifestyle opportunities your success should provide.

We’re with you all the way

When we meet with new Clients, our initial focus is to ensure that your financial and business affairs are in order and up to date. Any outstanding obligations are immediately addressed as a priority.  That means we can keep them that way on an ongoing basis.

Then we review your current financial and business situation and make any necessary recommendations for change. We might suggest a revision to your business structure, implementation of a budgeting and forecasting program, new business processes and systems, new software and/or regular management reporting and meetings.

Essential accounting functions such as Monthly Accounting & Bookkeeping, Activity Statement Preparation & Lodgement, Payroll processing, and Superannuation Obligations can be handled for you on a regular basis as required. Annual compliance matters including formal Financial Statements and Income Tax Returns are completed promptly after financial year end per a mutually agreed scheduled.

Further we will take your financial reporting beyond basic tax driven data entry, allowing you to truly know how your business is performing and giving you the opportunity to make better business decisions, set goals, plan for the future and ultimately grow your business and personal wealth.

We will help you to establish ongoing monitoring processes to help avoid the pitfalls, common to many growing businesses, of making “apparent” profits but quickly running out of cash.

Ultimately, the aim is Execution without the Drama

Add to this our ability to assist in specialist areas including due diligence, property investment, estate planning, business succession and exit strategy planning, and you can be assured all areas of your financial and business needs are managed for maximum results and minimum headaches. Less stress, real peace of mind and more time to enjoy the fruits of your labour.

There’s no cost to meet up for an initial chat, so lets see if we are a good fit for each other, the coffees on us 🙂

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