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The Big CapitalQ Difference

You can never be too careful when it comes to your money. So it makes sense to partner with Advisers you can trust but who also have an unrivalled track record for looking after their Clients’ interests.

We believe business and property are the best, even only, two methods normal people (those that are not Mark Zuckerburg, Bill Gates or Sir Richard Branson!!) can utilise to build genuine wealth.

In fact, business is the undisputed number one asset class in the world for building genuine wealth. Even property takes a back seat to a successful business.

Every decision we make at CapitalQ is taken with this in mind.

In fact, the big difference clients of CapitalQ notice is...

It starts with these 3 foundations...

  1. You’re guaranteed to only pay the absolute bare minimum tax LEGALLY possible
  2. We’ll set up the RIGHT structures to optimise your business and personal needs
  3. Systems in place so you ALWAYS meet your tax and corporate reporting responsibilities

Underpinned by a proud history of innovation.

One of the very first WA Accountants to move to the cloud including our Practice Management and Document Management systems – we have been paperless for years

  • We were one of the very first Accountants in WA to move to the Xero Online Accounting System
  • We are Xero experts with the vast majority of our clients now enjoying the streamlined benefits which add real value to their business Accounting System
  • Systems in place so you ALWAYS meet your tax and corporate reporting responsibilities

Backed by a ‘Tell it like it is’, no BS approach...

  • You’ll only ever get the facts, even if they are hard to hear
  • Each June we meet with you to uncover last minute opportunities to minimise tax (this also means you know how much tax you will have to pay come tax time, so you can plan ahead)
  • We won’t placate you, if it’s a bad idea we’ll tell you
  • You’ll never chase us to find out when we will get your work done, if anything we chase you to ensure things are done on time, preferably early, and executed without drama
  • We’ll always return calls and emails so you’re never left out in the cold, and you always know where you stand and ALWAYS meet your tax and corporate reporting responsibilities

With a personal touch from...

  • Hands on, real world experience running businesses (you get sensible, commercial, extensive business advice to help you run a better, more efficient and ultimately more profitable business)
  • Firsthand experience in the building of personal wealth outside of business (within and outside the superannuation environment), we help you budget and plan for investing separately from your business
  • Specialised knowledge in long term wealth strategies, analysis and assessment of investment opportunities including most specifically opportunities in property
  • The most appropriate structures for non-business investments to provide tax minimisation and protection from potential financial difficulties

Including best practice reporting systems...

  • That are easy to read and understand and actually useful because they genuinely give you a ‘snapshot of your business’ position and its performance so you make better, informed decisions
  • We help you establish efficient accounting and associated processes so you streamline operations, improve efficiency, boost cash flow and reduce admin time

Supported by a genuine team approach...

You’re never left with just one person who knows your affairs… if your lead Adviser is unavailable, on leave, etc, we ensure other Team Members are up to date with your situation and requirements and are able to easily solve issues and respond fast as needed.

With the peace of mind knowing you’re covered by our industry-leading guarantee...

GUARANTEE #1: CapitalQ’s 7-point Customer Service Guarantee.

All of which means you...

  • Sleep better at night confident the ATO won’t come knocking
  • Enjoy paying the ABSOLUTE MINIMUM tax you’re legally required to pay
  • Have systems that work FOR you ensuring minimum effort on your part yet providing maximum results

Another reason business owners and investors love what we do is the security and peace of mind of our 7-point Customer Service Guarantee

CapitalQ’s 7-point Customer Service Guarantee

When you become a valued member of the CapitalQ Community you are covered by these 7 service guarantees:

We guarantee you will be treated professionally and courteously at all times, just like we would want a member of our own families treated.

We guarantee we will be on time for all appointments we set with you – if the unexpected happens we promise to call you to explain the situation, advise how late we will be or worst case, reschedule our appointment to a time that suits you best.

We guarantee our services and process will be explained to you in plain English so you understand exactly what’s happening and why.

We guarantee to return all calls within 24 hours.

We guarantee to remain in contact with you and provide you with personalised service.

We guarantee your financial reports will be presented in a simple, logical, useable format which you will understand, enabling you to make decisions that progress your business and financial goals.

We guarantee your bank (or other financiers) will love the format and information provided in your financial reports and they will assist greatly when seeking finance approvals.

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What our customers say

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CapitalQ helped me get off the 9 to 5 treadmill and effectively retire from real work in my late twenties.

I am a property person through and through. I believe there is no better way to build genuine wealth than via property. I have undertaken residential property investing and residential property developments (large and small) and as a result effectively retired from real work in my late 20s. Throughout that time Duncan and the Team at CapitalQ have been my partners (both as advisers and at times literally by taking interests in my projects). I would recommend to anyone thinking about venturing into property investing to ensure CapitalQ are part of the process and watching your back. You need sound personal budgeting, investment analysis, project costing, appropriate structuring, short term and long-term tax planning and ongoing tax advice (and not just covering Income Tax but also GST, Land Tax, Stamp Duty, the list goes on). CapitalQ know all aspects of the property game, and have the hands-on experience as well. Many think property investing is easy, but I can assure you, without the right partner providing the right advice, you will come undone.
Ray Ellis Ray Ellis

Ray Ellis

Property Investor and now owner of Xceed Real Estate

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