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CapitalQ Giving Back

It can sometimes be forgotten, but a business is really just a collective of individuals working towards a common goal. And the individuals that make up CapitalQ are all keen contributors to our communities and to global needs.

Accordingly we have an active charitable giving program, whereby the Team select charities to which CapitalQ contributes a portion of profits each year.

Presently we contribute to the following worthwhile causes:

The Smith Family

The Smith Family is a children’s charity helping disadvantaged Australian children to get the most out of their education. The CapitalQ Team presently have eight (8) children amongst us, with a few more likely in the not too distant future, and we are fully aware of how lucky we are to be able to provide them with stable homes, a caring environment and the best education possible. Duncan, along with his business partners, also owns and operates a new concept in early years education and child care, and with the additional assistance of the CapitalQ Team gets to make a significant contribution to the future of the children they are able to reach.

But we all wanted to go that little bit further, and so a charitable contribution program to the Smith Family has been established and we look forward to continuing our support of this worthy cause.

The Nature Conservancy Australia

The Nature Conservancy Australia is a charity that works to preserve the land and water we all depend on to live. We all have a strong interest in preserving our land, the natural habitat of our flora and fauna and ensuring a balance can be maintained between human life on this planet with the lives of all other living things with which we share it.

Accordingly a charitable contribution program to The Nature Conservancy Australia was established and again we will aim to continue it into the future.

Australian Marine Conservation Society

Where perhaps The Nature Conservancy Australia’s work ends, Australian Marine Conservation Society’s work begins. It is Australia’s only national charity dedicated exclusively to protecting ocean wildlife and their homes.

As proud West Aussies, we all love the beach, the seas and the oceans, and we are proud to make a contribution to their protection.

Local Community

Of course we all have our local interests, and wherever possible CapitalQ makes its contribution to local causes and groups including …

Australian Red Cross

While admittedly some of the CapitalQ men are a little squeamish when it comes to needles, we do make our blood contributions with Melanie being the primary driver of the cause (she is particularly passionate about her blood donations, never missing her quarterly contribution (and yes she would give much more if they would let her)).

Mt Lawley District Cricket Club

The CapitalQ Team includes long term players, members and officeholders of the Club.  Duncan played, captained and worked as Vice-president over a 31 year career.  Peter has served as a player, coach, committee member, bar manager and number one supporter ticket holder (unofficial). Cricket and the Hawks are a passion for all of us. We feel sport is a hugely important part of life, particularly for young boys and girls teaching them invaluable skills and experiences that prepare them for all the real world will throw at them. Not to mention helping to keep them away from inactivity, boredom and distractions that could send them down the wrong path.

In addition to substantial contributions of personal time over many years, CapitalQ are also proud to have been a major sponsor and benefactor of the Club for some 10 plus years.

Vasse Lions

Where there’s a need, there’s a Lion.  Lions Clubs International is the largest service club organisation in the world, with over 1.4 million members providing valuable services in 210 countries and geographic areas around the globe. Lions are friends, family and neighbors who share a core belief: community is what we make it.

Pavan Sakaraja is a proud member and volunteer of the Vasse Lions.  You will regularly see him on weekends in the Orange CapitalQ Truck making deliveries of unsold Woolies and Coles fresh produce to those who need most.

West Australian Trout and Freshwater Angling Association

We have some keen fishermen amongst the CapitalQ Team (yes all fish are either consumed or a catch and release policy is employed) not only for the sport but also because of the love of the great Australian (and international) outdoors.

Accordingly we assist the Association in its mission of being guardians of the land that we use and access.

Vasse Cricket Club

We couldn’t not get involved with the local cricket team, and VCC representing our newest home have welcomed us with open arms.  We are proud sponsors and Duncan has even helped the boys clock up a few wins.

Pavan and Kapil have had their eyes opened to the joys and benefits of being part of a community sports club like this, and are hoping to soon make their debuts on the playing field.

Perth Broncos American Football Club

The Perth Broncos American Football Club is the oldest gridiron club in Western Australia and we are proud to be sponsors.

Vasse Royals Football Club

The Vasse Royals are the newest AFL Club in the Busselton District. Lots of game time and family focused with Teams for Years 3 to Years 10, boys and girls.

We’re looking forward to seeing Pavan’s little one, Leon, making his debut for the Royals in a few year’s time 😉

Dunsborough Bay Yacht Club

Pavan is now the volunteer Club Treasurer and is generously given his time and expertise to help keep the Club’s finances ship shape.

CapitalQ contribute by providing Pavan’s time during work hours and providing free access to Xero.

Duncan and Kapil have also joined as social members, and while at present we are enjoying getting out for a sail when down south with others, the entire Team are really looking forward to the day we get our own mooring and boat!


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I came to CapitalQ having experienced substantial business difficulties with my business partner and having been the loser from an Accountant who took sides. I had substantial overdue obligations and the ATO were closing in. I was also highly fearful of my unknown tax position with substantial tax debts likely. CapitalQ went above and beyond to address all issues within my affairs, to bring me entirely up to date with the ATO, and to ensure my resulting tax bill was barely a scratch on what I had feared. They are now keeping my affairs up to date and in order and my stress levels are non-existent relative to those pre-CapitalQ times.
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