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The Q Review is a groundbreaking, industry first magazine for ambitious business owners. Download current and back-issues today (or request printed copies while stocks last) and start your journey towards achieving massive business success.

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I was headed for ATO disaster... but thanks to CapitalQ we nipped it in the bud

I know everything there is to know about the services my business provide, and I know how to do it well and how to grow my business. But I know little about, and don’t want to know about, the tax and accounting and administrative side of things. As a result I was always behind, always struggling with paperwork and administration that I never came close to managing or getting on top of. CapitalQ worked with me to get my head above water, then to streamline that side of my business and manage much of it for me. A huge weight was lifted from my shoulders, my stress levels completely subsided and life was great. The result … an unsolicited buy-out offer for my first business (which I accepted) helping to set up financially me and my family for life. I have now started my second business, and they are doing it all over again. Business profits are growing, and I am once again fighting off suitors!
Craig Wilschefski

Craig Wilschefski

Founder and Director of Home Loan Republic and Finance for Fitness


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