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Small Business Owners - Lets Hit the Ground Running in 2019!

This is YOUR chance to lay the foundation for a successful new year AND BEYOND.

2019 will be an important year for both your business and your wealth creation. With the WA economy showing signs of improvement, you must act now to take advantage.

Secure your FREE, NO RISK, initial consultation, so you can make 2019 your best year yet AND break the cycle of missed opportunities for reduced tax, increased profits and business growth!

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How Do You Play the Game of Business?

In Business, as in Sport, there are 4 levels at which you and your Business can play. You may never have thought of business this way. You may not have known there was another way to play and succeed.

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The Accountants of First Choice and Last Resort!

We are so glad you found us, because we know you are here for a reason

Maybe you have just started, or are looking to start, a new business venture or wealth-building strategy and you understand just how important it is to get things right up front. You know that is the only way to ensure you pay the absolute minimum tax legally possible, to stay out of trouble with the ATO AND to get on the path to achieving the lifestyle your hard work deserves.

Well, we are the Accountants of First Choice for savvy business owners and serious private investors like you.

Or maybe you have an existing business or investment portfolio, but it isn’t achieving what you hoped. Maybe you have used other Accountants before with less than stellar results. Maybe you’ve even had a bad experience. Or maybe you just need some new blood, a fresh set of eyes to look over your affairs.

Well we are the Accountants of Last Resort for those who have tried the rest, and now finally want to achieve the tax savings, the peace of mind and the success they so richly deserve.

Our Services

For more than 13 years small business owners and serious private investors who want to...

  • Pay the absolute MINIMUM tax legally possible
  • Ensure their business and investment affairs are structured the RIGHT way
  • Build genuine, lasting wealth

...have sought the expert services of the Team at CapitalQ.

SMSF Services

Independence and being free of conflicts of interest are the foremost qualities every Australian seeks from their superannuation adviser. We are very proud to tell you we are both. We hold our OWN Financial Services License (we are not part of any of the big financial planning groups nor banks) and we are entirely “fee for service” meaning no commissions and no fees based on funds under management.

Finance & Loans

In a recent survey, our Clients spoke loud and clear. You want someone you trust to help secure affordable, but more importantly, correctly structured finance and loans and now we can deliver as requested.

What our customers say

I would like to reiterate my personal appreciation for your time and effort toward my business.

As I first explained, due to my circumstances, preparing to deal with the ATO has been an ongoing struggle.

My primary fear was not being treated with the professionalism I required as my situation was “complex” in my mind.

My business may have been simple to you, but the fact you treated it as any other business big or small, gave me confidence that I was in good hands.

As I reviewed the documents, I was only smiling, and in some parts laughing. So you really have done a spectacular job!

Ashley S

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Our FREE Guide is written specifically, for Savvy, Ambitious Small Business Owners and Serious Private Investors who want to Legally Pay the Absolute Minimum Tax, Build Genuine Lasting Wealth and Live the Lifestyle your Hard Work Deserves. If you meet this criteria, or want to, then DON'T RISK BEING LATE TO YOUR FUTURE, request your copy today!

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