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Who CapitalQ is Right For

There are several types of business owners and investors most suited to working with CapitalQ.

Which type of business owner or investor are you?

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Business Owner who wants to Pay Less Tax

Why? Because you feel your current Accountant is NOT proactively looking for tax savings, and frankly, you only want to pay the MINIMUM LEGAL amount, like every other business owner out there.

Next to paying too much tax the next most annoying thing for you is tax surprises, something you rarely (if ever!) experience as a CapitalQ Client. It may even be that you have an outstanding tax bill which is killing your cash flow and hurting your standard of living. So you want new ways to get on top of it. Either way, for smart business owners, CapitalQ is the only natural choice.

Business Owner who wants to get their Affairs In Order

Why? Because you feel your affairs are a mess and it’s time to put a stop to it. Period!

So you call in the pros at CapitalQ. It’s time to end the stress and know where your business is at, free from the worry of the ATO knocking on your door. You realise your never shortening To Do list will only get longer unless you take action via outside help. Peace of mind comes when you have experts on your team and that’s what you get with CapitalQ.

Business Owner with a successful existing business looking to Expand further

Why? Because you need the RIGHT information to make the RIGHT decisions, and CapitalQ are specialists when it comes to strategic thinking.

You likely have hundreds of questions floating around in your head like,

Can I afford to spend the money? How much capital will I need? Am I over-committing? Is it safe right now? Do I risk everything if I expand? And so on.

If this is you, you are likely also super busy. We understand how hard it is to work your way through it all in a timely fashion. You don’t want your competitors beating you to the punch but you also want to be methodical and strategic in everything you do. Which is where CapitalQ comes in. We’ll show you the way forward, including pitfalls and traps to watch out for so you have all the information needed to make the right call.

Business Owner Just Starting Out

Why? Because you want it done right the first time so small business specialists CapitalQ are your natural fit.

Starting out in business can be a minefield… from structures, to systems, to tax law… there’s 1,001 things you have to get your head around. If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right so you go to CapitalQ who’ve done it all before MANY times.

Business Owner with an Existing Business but struggling to improve profitability or worse, experiencing Declining Profits

Why? Because “it’s time”. No need to wait any longer, you KNOW now is the moment to act before it’s too late so you call in the CapitalQ specialists.

There’s every chance you’re in a rut right now. Signs are you feel stressed and even burnt out, or that you can’t see a way forward. CapitalQ gives you clarity and confidence to see a way through the current fog.

CapitalQ are the fresh eyes you’ve been waiting for.

Future Entrepreneur looking to take the leap into their First Business Venture

Why? Because due diligence is vital in the early stages, so you need to get the right advice.

Substantial tax savings can be made from structuring things the RIGHT way at the start. You also need a good understanding of the capital you need and exactly how feasible it will be (and when) to give up your day job. As a newbie to business you really don’t know what you don’t know so you naturally rely on the trusted experts at CapitalQ.

Business Owner looking to put their business Under Management and reduce their own work load

Why? Because it’s the dream of many but too often business owners never get there or worse, they rush this and end up getting it wrong and then working more not less as they attempt to fix things, so a fresh set of expert eyes is needed.

Extracting yourself from the business can have complications you never foresee, including the business flatlining or going backwards the moment you step back. Part of letting go is making sure all your systems are in place and that’s where CapitalQ comes to the fore… to help you transition SAFELY out of the business so you have the time and resources to really do what you want to.

Business Owner looking to Pass On their Life’s Work to the next generation (be it Family or Employees)

Why? Because succession planning and a healthy payday should be just reward for your life’s work. Done the right way it is. But get the steps wrong and...

CapitalQ are specialists at succession planning to help you minimise the tax you pay on handover… and of course setting everything up to ensure your capital is protected for a long, happy and wealthy retirement or next phase of life.

Business Owner looking to Sell and achieve the Maximum Price possible

Why? Because you want maximum price on the right terms, so everything must be set up the right way.

CapitalQ helps business owners get their sale over the line and withstand even the most rigorous purchaser due diligence. We help with every aspect of the preparation for sale so you get the best price possible and then pay the least tax required by law. If you’re selling, you need to talk to CapitalQ.

Ambitious Individuals, in business or not, looking to Build Wealth via Property

Why? Because despite what you may have heard, property investing has its tricks and traps and if you get it wrong, you can dig yourself into a hole you can’t get out of. You need to know what you really can afford, how you will deal with speed bumps along the way, you need a strategy to achieve your goals and you want to pay the absolute minimum tax legally possible!

CapitalQ are specialists in property investing including within superannuation. No one wants to over commit so it’s important you get the right advice. Owning property opens up other options but it must be done right, from minimising interest payments to the right tax set-up to maximise returns.


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I was headed for ATO disaster... but thanks to CapitalQ we nipped it in the bud

I know everything there is to know about the services my business provide, and I know how to do it well and how to grow my business. But I know little about, and don’t want to know about, the tax and accounting and administrative side of things. As a result I was always behind, always struggling with paperwork and administration that I never came close to managing or getting on top of. CapitalQ worked with me to get my head above water, then to streamline that side of my business and manage much of it for me. A huge weight was lifted from my shoulders, my stress levels completely subsided and life was great. The result … an unsolicited buy-out offer for my first business (which I accepted) helping to set up financially me and my family for life. I have now started my second business, and they are doing it all over again. Business profits are growing, and I am once again fighting off suitors!
Craig Wilschefski

Craig Wilschefski

Founder and Director of Home Loan Republic and Finance for Fitness

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