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As we grow, we are more and more seeking great people to join our Team and to help provide a unique and unrivalled experience for our CapitalQ Community Members.

Right now, we are currently looking to fill these rewarding roles –

Accounting & Adviser Team

Follow the link and if you believe you have what it takes, submit your application today.

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Relieved me of a huge burden, and now keeping my affairs in order and up to date

I came to CapitalQ having experienced substantial business difficulties with my business partner and having been the loser from an Accountant who took sides. I had substantial overdue obligations and the ATO were closing in. I was also highly fearful of my unknown tax position with substantial tax debts likely. CapitalQ went above and beyond to address all issues within my affairs, to bring me entirely up to date with the ATO, and to ensure my resulting tax bill was barely a scratch on what I had feared. They are now keeping my affairs up to date and in order and my stress levels are non-existent relative to those pre-CapitalQ times.
Kim Fewster Kim Fewster

Kim Fewster

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