We encourage you to contact the Team at Xceed Real Estate and experience the difference true property people can deliver!

CapitalQ Community Member in the Spotlight – Ray Ellis and Xceed Real Estate

In Part 1 we introduced long time CapitalQ Community Member Raymond Ellis of Xceed Real Estate…

Ray is slightly embarrassed to acknowledge it, but when he was young and focused on building his savings, he had a reputation of being ‘a little tight’ when it came to his money (to his relief the same can definitely no longer be said). But his early money smarts extended to diligently recording and measuring every single dollar he earned, and every single dollar he spent. This allowed him to retain enviable self-control over his discretionary spending, and ensured he was able to build the necessary financial backing required to advance his property ambitions.

The discipline is to be applauded, because the results speak for themselves.

With his grandmothers passing in 2000, his parents planned to sell her house. Instead, Ray took this opportunity to acquire the property himself (for market value). This was at age 23. By age 28 Ray had amassed a portfolio of 17 properties.

In that time, he had also completed multiple residential property developments with more to come.

Like something out of a fairy tale, or hyped up self-help book, Ray was for all intents and purposes retired by age 29.

Of course, for ambitious individuals like Ray, retirement does not mean doing nothing.

So, when amongst his other ventures an opportunity arose to take a small ownership interest in a property management business, Ray once again avoided procrastination and took action.

In fact, you could say Ray always takes action when opportunities present themselves!

“A couple years later when the chance came to acquire the entire business, despite some apprehension, I decided to take the plunge and with the help of the Team at CapitalQ my life as a true business owner (if you put property developments aside) had begun.”

Having had immense experience working with real estate agents and property managers, Ray had a unique view of how the industry worked, and most importantly how it could be improved and the opportunities it presented.

An aggressive strategy of expansion has seen what is now known as Xceed Real Estate grow to be the largest independent property manager in WA.

And it is achieving levels of Client, as well as Tenant, satisfaction which are the envy of the industry.

With a dedicated Team behind him, starting with Xceed’s passionate Licensees, fellow Directors and now Business Partners Daisy Campbell and Petr Seidel, Ray is well and truly out of retirement and is committed to assisting Perth’s fellow ambitious individuals to achieve their financial and lifestyle goals through property.

If you are a current property investor looking to maximise your returns, while minimising the drain on your time and energy from managing your property, we encourage you to contact the Team at Xceed Real Estate and experience the difference true property people can deliver. And if you have not yet taken the opportunity to start achieving your goals through property, you can do a lot worse than to take a leaf out of Ray’s book when deciding how to get started!

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