CapitalQ Community Success Story – Crackers Contracting

Introducing Crackers Contracting

Mark and Sarah Buscumb are the proud owner/ operators of Crackers Contracting – Shearing & Crutching, located on the Quindanning-Darkan Road in the Shire of Williams.

They are a stunning reminder of just how successful a measured, no nonsense approach to business, and to life, can be (and the rich rewards it can bring).

Still on the Tools (and Loving It)

At the ripe young age of 50, Mark remains a deft touch with the clippers, with absolutely no plans to ease back from his hands-on approach to the business of shearing.

While Sarah, who is much, much younger, brings a wealth of business management experience, hard earned during her time in rewarding senior positions at Landmark.

Opportunities Taken

After honing his skills, and expanding his horizons, throughout Australia and the world, Mark finally realised his dream of owning his own rural home, and his own regional business, in 2005.

His keen eye for spotting a good opportunity lead to the purchase of 160 acres in the fertile Wheatbelt region of Williams.  With the existing shearing quarters on the property lending themselves perfectly to forming the base for his new shearing run.

A chance meeting with Sarah while competing in New South Wales saw her relocate to WA in 2010, and the rest as they say is history.

With the next generation of Buscumbs joining them, Mark and Sarah enjoy an idyllic rural lifestyle, all while providing an unmatched service to their discerning farming clientele.

As a result they are reaping the rewards they so richly deserve.

Smart Business Practices

We mentioned their measured approach which includes avoiding debt whenever possible, while still recognising that when the right opportunity presents itself, utilising a finance facility, that is then paid down promptly, can mean the difference between taking the next steps in business and otherwise standing still.

They hire only the best shearers available and are renowned throughout the region for their zero-tolerance approach to substance use and anti-social behaviour from their teams.

It means when a farmer in their region is looking for a new shearer, Crackers Contracting are the obvious choice.

Lives spent entirely in regional Australia have fostered a distinctly rural dedication to hospitality and to supporting their fellow land lovers. Mark and Sarah were super proud to have the opportunity to sponsor this year’s Darkan Sheep Fest and they are looking forward to continuing to support similar local events in the future.

Joining the CapitalQ Community

Sarah says “We knew of CapitalQ for some time, having first seen Duncan present at a WA Shearing Association event some years back. By chance we had decided we needed more from our existing accountant when one of the first editions of The Q Review came to our attention.

After an initial inquiry we couldn’t believe how promptly Kapil made his way out to our farm and how eager he was to help streamline our accounting and administration processes.

We simply couldn’t say no and we have been so glad we made the switch ever since.”

For all your shearing needs, contact Mark or Sarah at or on 0428 261 127.