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Fewster’s Farm Honey

Fewster’s Farm is owned and operated by CapitalQ Client Kim Fewster, a fourth generation West Australian beekeeper.

The business operates from the family farm in Muchea and has belonged to the Fewster family since 1898!

Rich Honey, Rich History

In the beginning, brothers John and Robert Fewster travelled from England in 1892 with a case of gold fever. Six years later they changed course and founded Fewster’s Farm.

In 1916 Robert, a civil engineer, established several hives before heading interstate to oversee the construction of drains and irrigation lines in South Australia.

It was these initial hives that saw the birth of Fewster’s Farm Honey.

Passion for the Product

Kim has been a passionate beekeeper for as long as he can remember, having commenced working with the family bees from a young age under the tutelage of his grandfather and father, also both lifelong beekeepers.

Since taking the reins, Kim has actively promoted and developed Western Australian honey to the world and Fewster’s Farms remains one of the biggest producers and exporters of this sought-after local produce.

Kim remains the Australian Delegate for the Asian Apiculture Association and he holds high hopes for the Annual Conference to return to WA in 2022, ensuring the local industry remains in the focus of international buyers and consumers.

Tried and Tested Production Techniques

Fewster’s Farm Honey continues to be produced in much the same natural way as it has for over 100 years.

Hives are placed in secret locations (under license) within the ancient Jarrah forests of south west WA.

From their familiar homes the bees go about their daily work of producing clean, healthy, tasty honey which retains the highly prized flavour of our unique, endemic tree.

Once the honeycomb has been collected it will be taken to Muchea where the honey is removed using modern, clean, extraction technology.

However, in contrast to many commercially available honeys, Fewster’s Farm Honey is not heat treated or chemically processed;

it remains 100% natural with no additives, preservatives, colours or sugars added.

To this end, Fewster’s Farm is a Certified Organic Producer & Processor having satisfied the requirements of the National Standard for Organic and Bio-Dynamic Produce.

Joining the CapitalQ Community

Having faced frustrations with a former business partner and finding it increasingly difficult to meet the businesses tax and reporting obligations, Kim came to CapitalQ in need of independent advice from experts who could consider the bigger picture.

Having promptly brought his affairs up to date, while achieving excellent tax outcomes, CapitalQ have allowed Kim to overcome his immediate stresses allowing him to return his focus to his bees and his business.

And he is once again reaping the rewards as are the satisfied consumers of Fewster’s Farm Honey throughout Australia, the Middle East, China, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam and the UK.

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