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Introducing Voltaic Auto Electrical & Air Conditioning

Two things strike you very quickly when you first meet Joshua Doutch and Tara Halliday of Voltaic Auto Electrical and Air Conditioning.

The first, they are ‘switched on’ (pun intended) – intelligent, logical and disciplined.

The second, they are fully invested in the well-being of their team members and understand how they have a role to play in their employee’s sense of satisfaction and happiness.

They also know that how well they look after their team will go a long way to determine their business’ success.

Josh and Tara proud owners of Voltaic Auto Electrical & Air Conditioning

Where it All Began

Josh and Tara, who are both Kalgoorlie born and bred, commenced Voltaic in 2017 after enjoying 10 years as a couple, and also as work colleagues.

Josh considers himself to have the vision for what Voltaic has and will become, while Tara, she implements and makes it all happen.

Josh says “I have been very lucky to experience what this industry has to offer including financial rewards, unique experiences and a genuine sense of making a contribution. So I wanted to give other people the same rewarding opportunity, to teach what I have learned and to give back to the industry.”

Early Success

Within just a few months of opening their doors, from a first day with no clients and a phone that didn’t yet ring, they took on their first apprentice.

From there they haven’t looked back, growing the team to 15 in under three years.

Their success to date already sees them amongst the top 10% of auto electricians in Australia. Now Josh’s vision is to be number one.

He has set himself a target of five years to reach that goal and we have no doubt he has what it takes to achieve it. (Editor: talk about thinking big, Josh is testament to the idea we at CapitalQ so strongly subscribe to that “the goal dictates the behaviour”.)

Their success to date already sees them amongst the top 10% of auto electricians in Australia.  Now Josh’s vision is to be number one.

Business Elements

There are two primary elements to Voltaic’s business.

For the private consumer, Voltaic have a well-equipped workshop – Voltaic Garage located in Welshpool. Here they provide Auto Electrical solutions including 4×4 electrics and modifications, automotive air conditioning and automotive electrical repairs and installation.

For businesses, including specifically those in the mining industry, Voltaic provide stress free mobile solutions including onsite breakdown repairs, labour support, auto electrical parts and consumables procurement, mine specification fit-outs, machine midlife rewiring, plus much more.

Outside of Business

Josh is a life-long martial artist.

By the time you read this he will have just completed his latest training camp in South Africa.

And while Tara is not a martial artist herself, she is an avid participant in the fitness side of the sport.

WA Owned and Proudly Serving this Great State

Voltaic Auto Electrical and Air Conditioning is proudly independent and 100% Western Australian owned.

Voltaic’s mobile services presently cover the Northern Goldfields, Kalgoorlie, the South-West of WA and of course Perth Metro and surrounds (with the areas of service expected to expand very soon).

Contact Josh and Tara on (08) 6454 9916 or visit them at their Perth workshop, Voltaic Garage, located at 37 Welshpool Road, Welshpool.