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I have never like introducing myself as an Accountant. I have never felt it came close to describing what it was that I actually did day in and day out in my business ventures.

Be an “Investor” and invest in four ultimate alternative assets…

I have tried to describe myself simply as a businessman or even entrepreneur, but again, they aren’t quite right either.

It took a different perspective, introduced to me by my current mentor, Mal Emery, for me to be able to identify and define what it is I truly do and who it is I truly am. And that conclusion…


Let me explain…

You could say I invest in common assets including investing in businesses and investing in property. That may be true, but it doesn’t really get to the crux of the matter, it is still too “high level” to be of any real value to me, or to you.

No, what I truly invest in, and what we encourage and advise our CapitalQ Community Members to invest in, are four ultimate, alternative assets. And we combine these four ultimate alternative assets to create, the CapitalQ “END GAME” Business Investment Formula.

Ultimate Alternative Asset Number 1 – I invest in “Myself”

Now I realise that might sound a little selfish, but the truth is investing in myself gives me the skills and abilities and tools to invest in the other three things. It is what facilitates all the rest! I am a subscriber to the idea that for success in business, as in life, you must be a life-long learner.

You must enjoy learning and expanding your mind, your experiences and your knowledge.

My self-investment also extends to personal motivation, health and happiness.

Without having these in order, you are of no use to anyone, and you can’t possibly hope to achieve your goals.

Few of us have all the answers to business, and even less have all the answers to life, so if you want real success in either, it is important to acknowledge this, and then go about continually investing in and improving yourself.

It took a different perspective, introduced to me by my current mentor, Mal Emery.

Ultimate Alternative Asset Number 2 – I invest in “Business Systems and Processes”

That is all a business really is. It is a system of processes that produce a product or service for a customer or client.

If you get the systems and processes right, you can run a successful business in any industry. And I like to think I am evidence of that.

Sure, CapitalQ is my primary passion and my main game, but I have also recently built, from scratch, a hugely successful second business, and I don’t work a single day in that business.

Yet it is returning consistent cash profits to its owners every month like clockwork. And the business has recently been formally valued at an eye-watering multiple of our original investment. All within three years of opening our doors.

And that is largely because we have invested in the processes that drive it, and we are seeing the rewards accordingly. That doesn’t mean we ever stop though. A business’ systems and processes require constant attention and reinvestment!

CapitalQ;s Business Investment Formula

Look out for Part 2 in this series to learn about our ultimate alternative assets numbers 3 and 4 and how when all four are combined you can create a “Dynamic Growth Multiplier Effect”™!