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In the first part of this series I revealed how I have never like introducing myself as an Accountant. I have never felt it came close to describing what it was that I actually did day in and day out in my business ventures.

Bringing together our four ultimate alternative assets creates what we call a “Dynamic Growth Multiplier Effect”™

It took a different perspective, introduced to me by my current mentor, Mal Emery, for me to be able to identify and define what it is I truly do and who it is I truly am. And that conclusion…


You could say I invest in common assets including investing in businesses and investing in property. That may be true, but it doesn’t really get to the crux of the matter, it is still too “high level” to be of any real value to me, or to you.

No, what I truly invest in, and what we encourage and advise our CapitalQ Community Members to invest in, are four ultimate, alternative assets.  And we combine these four ultimate alternative assets to create, the CapitalQ “END GAME” Business Investment Formula.

I revealed the ultimate alternative assets 1 and 2…

Ultimate Alternative Asset Number 1 – I invest in “Myself”

It is what facilitates all the rest! Read more in Part 1.

Ultimate Alternative Asset Number 2 – I invest in “Business Systems and Processes”

That is all a business really is.  And if you get the systems and processes right, you can run a successful business in any industry. Read more in Part 1.

Now in this Part 2, I introduce ultimate alternative assets numbers 3 and 4…

Ultimate Alternative Asset Number 3 – I Invest in “Marketing Weapons”

This is where CapitalQ should really start to diverge in your mind from any others you might have previously thought could do what we do.

Because one indisputable truth we subscribe to, that accountants the world over can’t grasp, is that marketing is the key to real business success.

And an idea we encourage our Community Members to embrace is that “the money is not in the thing you do, it is in the marketing of that thing you do”.

No matter how good you are at what you do, if the world doesn’t know about it, you will never be truly successful.

We encourage our Community Members to invest in marketing assets, or what we prefer to call “marketing weapons”!

These are marketing items (just like The Q Review) that provide a return on your investment.

And when done right, provide a return over and over again!

Ultimate Alternative Asset Number 4 – I Invest in “People” (Good People)

Last, but definitely not least, I invest in People. Good people!

First, I invest in my Teams – they are the ones that let me do what I want to do. Without them I am nothing.

I actually clash with many business owners in this regard, because many consider they are doing their employees a favour by giving them a job. I can assure you, it is the other way around!

My employees are doing me a favour by showing up each day and giving me their all. And I feel blessed when I walk into my businesses and see the fantastic people working hard to help bring my ambitions to reality.

But my investment in people doesn’t stop there.

In my businesses, we invest in our Clients and our Customers. Sure they put their trust in us, but we also put our trust in them.

We invest in helping to make them better, helping them achieve their goals, and ultimately we do hope to receive a return on our investment be it through fees (paid on time), through referrals, through gratitude and in many cases through friendships.

I also invest in my own advisers and mentors.

You may be thinking, he’s an adviser, why would he need his own advisers and mentors? But I believe they are vital contributors to my success.

It is so important to acknowledge none of us knows it all. There are others who know more about a particular area than I presently do, or they are where I want to get to, or they just offer a valuable different perspective. Whichever it may be, I wear my reliance on my own advisers and mentors as a badge of honour – an acknowledgment that I have the courage and open mindedness to seek out wisdom from others. And I consider the money I pay them and the loyalty I show them, as an investment in them. One which I hope will result in a return on my investment in the form of good advice, guidance and assistance on my own journey.

Finally, I invest in family and friends. I think that is relatively self-explanatory, but they are what makes life outside of business worth living. And they provide a very different return on investment.

Bringing together these four ultimate alternative assets creates what we call a

“Dynamic Growth Multiplier Effect”™

And the result, is you can’t help but achieve your “END GAME”.

CapitalQ;s Business Investment Formula