Improve Your Chances of Achieving Real Business Success with these Five Secret Strategies and Philosophies …

If your small business is not achieving the heights you hoped, consider is it missing any of these five secret strategies and philosophies to running a successful business …

  • Secret Ingredient Number 1 – Consider your mindset when it comes to your Staff. Perhaps avoid thinking you are doing your staff a favour by giving them a job, on the contrary, consider it is they who are doing YOU a favour by helping you achieve your dreams. And that being the case, is there a better way to manage them?
  • Secret Ingredient Number 2 – If you are the only one in your business who can deliver to the standard required, ask yourself “Are you meeting the required standard of a successful business owner?” Real success rarely comes from the efforts, or skills, of just one individual. It usually takes a dedicated, empowered and motivated, Team!
  • Secret Ingredient Number 3 – Tax is the single biggest life time expense anyone even moderately successful in business will incur. So we believe it makes sense to minimise it at every chance you get. Otherwise you are holding yourself back.
  • Secret Ingredient Number 4 – In our opinion, savvy business owners don’t see marketing as an expense. They view it as an asset and an investment that done well provides massive returns. And done really well, provides those returns over and over again!
  • Secret Ingredient Number 5 – If you don’t know your business’ numbers, can you make good business decisions? Without this knowledge, are you in fact just guessing? Your accounting & reporting system should provide you with the information you need to make good business decisions, if it isn’t, it needs improvement!
  • BONUS TIP: Even once you know your numbers, you still can’t hit a target, if it hasn’t been set in the first place! We recommend setting goals, then setting out to make them a reality.

Check out the video above where I and the CapitalQ Team explain these Five Secret Ingredients further (though please note, this is the first time on camera for most of the crew, and rightly or otherwise I thought it was entertaining to leave in some of the bloopers (sorry Team) 😉  Hope you agree?  Overall, how do you think they went?