Success Traits

We have all heard that successful people share a lot of common traits.

Well there is one apparent commonality that particularly interests us here at CapitalQ.This is because we believe it is a trait we can all bring to reality for ourselves, regardless of our circumstances.

The commonality we refer to is that at a certain point in their lives, a great many successful people allowed a mentor or a key adviser to open their minds to new ideas and new ways of thinking.

If you have any doubts about this common trait, we encourage you to perform a YouTube search of interviews with any of the most successful people of modern times. We believe you will consistently find that when asked about where it all began for them, or about the pivotal moment in their journey to success, they will name a mentor or adviser or key individual in their lives who helped create that light-bulb moment.

Life Long Learning

CapitalQ Community Members know we hold a strong belief that to be successful in life, you must be a life-long learner. And the truth is that this belief came to us through the process of engaging and learning from our own mentors.

One of the specific reasons we have come to believe so strongly in such continual self-improvement and development is because of something we learned from the entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker Jim Rohn.

He said…

To have more than what you have got, you have to become more than you are today.

Sure, there will always be exceptions to the rule. Sometimes a lucky break occurs. We have all heard stories of people who won the lotto and become millionaires.

But as Jim says…

“If someone gives you a million dollars, best you become the type of person who is a millionaire. That way you get to keep the money. Because if you don’t, sure enough it will disappear.”

We have all heard those stories too.

Do you want to know how to achieve an above average income?

The answer is simple…

“Become an above average person!”

Or another way, become the type of person, who earns an above average income!

Application to Business

Consider this idea from a business perspective…

In order to generate more revenue (receive more money), you must increase the value you provide to the marketplace!

That means you provide the same value you do now, but to more people. Or usually even better, you provide more value to the same people you already reach, and they (gladly) pay you more for it.

You might say “but what I receive is all the marketplace will pay”.

No – what you receive is all the marketplace will pay you!

They pay others much, much more when they receive more value.

But right now, they do not perceive the value they receive from you, to justify more than what they presently pay you.

Rule of Value Exchange

Instead of accepting this rule of value exchange, many people in business turn to hope.

They hope that the economy will change. They hope that their industry will change. They hope that their customers will change (and just simply decide to buy more or to pay more for no good reason).

But hope alone will rarely get you there. Certainly not in any reliable fashion.

Because in life, the simple truth is that…

What you receive is directly linked to the value you provide.

This has always been the case. And this will never change.

It is true in business, in employment, in relationships and in life in general.

So, if the rule won’t change…how can you change your business and your life?

The answer…

Your business and your life will change only, when you change!

And you must make the change to become more valuable.

How do you do that?

Start by becoming a life-long learner and apply what you learn towards your own self-development.