Sam is one of our Client Managers based in the CapitalQ Perth office and he is fast earning a reputation as a slick operator, with a reputation for reliability, excellent tax technical skills and a keen eye for opportunities.

After completing his degree at Curtin University back in 2012, Sam commenced his professional career as a Graduate Accountant with a boutique firm.

He then took the opportunity to move to a large Western Australian firm where his technical advancements accelerated.

Sam says “Eventually, I met with the CapitalQ Directors for an interview under a very unusual setting (in a bar!) where they decided to make me an offer I couldn’t refuse.

“I assure you, my decision making abilities were not impaired 😉 I thoroughly enjoyed the conversations we shared over our casual meeting and decided that CapitalQ should be the place where I settle in for the long term and advance my skills and knowledge and career.”

Outside of work, Sam loves basketball, a good book and is a confessed coffee snob.

Though the truth is, all three of the above come a distant second to his developing family life, consisting of his darling wife, new baby boy, and just recently, proud newly built home.

Learn more about Sam here.