Robert Zupanovich – Managing Director – Zegna Building (Click Image for Bio)

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You could have all the wealth, accolades, career success and material things you’ve ever dreamed of. And you could have a wonderful partner, family and friends. However, you can only truly enjoy these things if you have…

TIME! … and your HEALTH!

What does this mean?

I’m talking about time to enjoy the fruits of your success in some of the best years of your life. Time to be there for your partner and your kids, to watch them grow up, travel and create memorable experiences together. The fondest memories your family will treasure will not be the things purchased along the way, but the shared experiences that occur only when you make the time to be there.

I’ve been fortunate that property development has provided me with an abundance of this limited commodity, time, throughout my life.

The busy financial success vs time battle

I meet many busy professionals and business owners who are working 60, 70 even 90 hours per week to provide for their families amidst the pressures of the world today. They are in the peak of their careers working for large enterprises or have nurtured a successful business of their own.

They all come to me for the same reasons – they want to create more time and freedom in their life, reduce stress, while still generating wealth and maintaining their current lifestyle. The initial goal is often to cut those hours in half down to no more than 40 per week.

You may be thinking “won’t that decrease my income?”. I can show you how to work less hours while making the same amount of money or more.

Property development, done right, can make it possible

It helps you to design your lifestyle, take time to rejuvenate and look after your health, support your retirement and enjoy time freedom at all stages of life.

A Zegna Building Success Story

“Robert, thank you, we are so grateful for everything you do for us. You make property development easy and have a solution for every part of the process. My husband and I decided to begin in property development for 2 reasons; to generate profit and to have more time freedom professionally. Robert has years of experience, cares about his clients and knows how to maximise return from the design phase through to completion.” Zegna Client

Where should you start?

You can develop your own multi-apartment project or alternatively you can rejuvenate a single apartment within an existing complex through our Micro Developer model.

Either way, you don’t need to get involved in the day to day – Zegna does that for you while you sit back and watch your project transition from concept into reality.

A reality that you can profit from. Property development is not a simple process, it takes plenty of research and planning to tailor a project to achieve your desired outcomes. But at Zegna we take care of all the hard work for you.

Picture this… you’re working less hours, or have even retired early, and are taking more holidays with your partner and family. You’re enjoying the freedom you have created in your life, while your property developments proceed drama free under our guidance.

It’s all possible.

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