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Setting targets and goals is a fundamental and essential strategy.

Setting targets and goals is a fundamental and essential strategy which, done right, will give you the very best chance of achieving success in your business, and in your life.

Yet so many business owners, and non-business owners, fail to utilise this tried and tested approach.

One of the reasons is they aren’t exactly sure what it is they are, or think they should be, aiming for.

Sure, in business everyone wants more profits. But outside of that vague desire, many find themselves uncertain what their business needs to look like to achieve it.

Others get hung up on deciding upon specifics, and as a result they find themselves stuck and unable to commit to any goal, and therefore unable to commit to any plan as to how to get there.

The good news is, there is a solution. In fact, when it comes to any genuine business and genuinely ambitious business owner, there really is only one primary, long term goal you should be setting yourself. We call it the “END GAME”! Which is…

A business you can sell for a multi-million dollar pay day!

And a business you can sell for a multi-million dollar pay day should be your targeted goal, your “END GAME”, even if you don’t actually want to sell and even if you never do!

Because when you have a business that you can sell for a multi-million dollar pay day, then you will have built the near perfect business, and, most importantly, you will have options!

Those options will include –

  • You can sell it, bank the money, and live a life of relaxation and luxury
  • You can sell it, bank the money, and start a new venture with real financial backing behind you
  • You can keep it but not work in it and just live off the profits
  • You can keep it and continue to work in it, choosing what it is you do and what it is you don’t do, while drawing a salary plus the profits
  • You can choose to keep growing it and aim for unimaginable wealth.
  • You can leave a legacy for your family, or to continue on your name and/or your life’s work, or
  • If you consider your life’s purpose is to make a difference to the world and/or others, you can sell it, and give it all away to charity and finally make that real difference (rumour has it this is what Warren Buffett intends to do, and just think of the impact he will be making, and already is, utilising his enormous wealth for such grand philanthropic purposes).

And whichever option you decide to take… You will finally be –

  • In total control of your own path and your own choices
  • Completely self-reliant
  • Financially independent, never having to rely on others, especially the government, to put food on your table, shelter over your head, or to allow you to do what you want to do.

And most importantly…

  • You will have the ability and flexibility to live the life and the lifestyle you choose.

Look out for Part 2 in this series over coming days.