Making Tax Time Easy

Its July, and that means another tax season here at CapitalQ.

And once again our aim is to make tax time as easy and pain free as possible for all our CapitalQ Community Members.

Plus we are eager to help ensure our Community Members aren’t left with outstanding taxes hanging over their heads.

So instead we are keen to get to work as soon as possible, leaving you free to focus on more pleasurable things for the remainder of 2021.

Your 2020 Tax Return

To get your 2020 tax process started, please find below a link to our tax checklists for individual tax payers…


Not a whole lot has changed this year (which is a blessing) so the checklists remain familiar as follows –

  • 2020 Individual Tax Return Checklist – This will be relevant to all Individual taxpayers,
  • Rental Property Information Checklist – For those with a Rental Property throughout any period during the year, and
  • Motor Vehicle Information Checklist – For those wishing to claim motor vehicle expenses.

As always, we encourage all clients to complete the Checklists and to provide them to us either prior to your tax return meeting or when sending in your tax information (if instructing us via correspondence).

Because completing the Checklists helps us ensure you are complying with the law, but even better, it helps us ensure you are paying the absolute minimum amount of tax possible. It also makes the process as easy, efficient and therefore as cost effective as possible. So who wouldn’t want to use them 🙂

The Rush Has Already Begun

We have already started seeing some super keen Clients who wanted to get their 2020 tax sorted straight away. I know how they feel, I have actually managed to get all of mine sorted as of last week and am already enjoying that pleasant feeling of having the monkey off my back for another year.

So we encourage all of you to get in touch as soon as possible and tick your 2020 taxes off your to do list.

We look forward to seeing and speaking with you very soon!


Book your Professional Tax Return Meeting Today!


P.S. A couple year’s back we created a number of videos around lodgement due dates as well as the consequences of having outstanding and overdue Income Tax Returns. The dates referred to in the videos are generally unchanged and still relevant to this year. As is the advice about overdue returns. You can check them out here –>

P.P.S. Just think how nice it will be to know your taxes are done and dusted early and that you won’t have them hanging over your head for another year. Plus you can get that refund into your hands instead of leaving it with the tax man. Don’t put it off, let’s get your tax affairs in order and out of the way.