The archetypal mature male orangutan (affectionately named “Gotenz’).

Up Close and Personal with the “Man of the Jungle’

In Part 1 in our series on the Ultimate Wildlife Adventure in Borneo, we introduced YOLO Travel’s recommended 8 day itinerary.  In this concluding post, we reveal your luxury destination for days 6 to 8 of your discerning adventure…

DAYS 6-8

After a sublime stay on the river it’s time to head inland – to the virgin rainforest of the Danum Valley Conservation Area.

The Danum Valley is everything you envision when you hear the word Borneo – primeval, pristine, almost impenetrable rainforest, filled with an abundance of wild animals. And yet here, deep within the jungle, inexplicably exists one of Malaysia’s most stylish and luxurious resorts – the Borneo Rainforest Lodge.

Borneo Rainforest Lodge New Private Villa

Here, on a scenic bend on the Danum River, the designers built a picturesque stilted lodge, with comfortable traditional wooden chalets connected by elevated boardwalks.

However in 2017 and 2018, the creation of two new room types, the premium deluxe rooms and the private villas, now means that the heights of luxury can be experienced in the depths of the jungle – with the private villas having a “wow” factor that will astound even the most instagram-immune guests, complete with lavish indoor/outdoor bathrooms and plunge pools overlooking the river (oh and of course a private butler).

It is a case of saving the best to last – both in terms of the accommodation and the up close and personal wildlife encounters. For it is here that some of the very best orangutan encounters in the world occur, including sightings of a true “man of the forest” – the archetypical mature male orangutan.

Inside the New Private Villa at Borneo Rainforest Lodge

With dark auburn fur and flanged faces, adult male orangutans can reach 150cm tall and 100kg, with an arm span of more than 2 metres.

An intimate encounter with these giants is an unforgettable experience.

Wildlife Encounters on Foot

Expeditions to find orangutans and other wildlife take place every morning and afternoon, with guided treks into the surrounding jungle on boardwalks and nature trails.

In addition to the orangutans, there are gibbons, monkeys, multiple species of deer (including tiny mouse deer), bush pigs, civets as well as rare pygmy elephants and clouded leopards. There are also night drives and night walks to reveal the abundant nocturnal wildlife.

A three night stay at Borneo Rainforest Lodge is just enough to experience the wonders of the amazing Danum Valley and the hospitality of this stunning resort.

A mature female organgutan with her playful youngster.

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