Robert Zupanovich – Managing Director – Zegna Building (Click Image for Bio)

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Values Re-think

Recent global events have caused many people to re-assess their personal values and how they’re spending their precious time – as well as turning the spotlight on how crucial our homes are as spaces we can retreat to for our wellbeing.

These trends are, in turn, sparking increased interest in small to medium-sized property development opportunities as mum and dad investors look for fresh ways to create wealth, free up their time, and escape the ‘rat race’.

Zegna Building’s Robert Zupanovich says many people have been forced to slow down in recent months – providing time to reflect on what was important.

“Accumulating wealth is well and good but if you have no freedom or if it’s making you exhausted or unwell, what good is it; if you’re earning lots of money but have no time to enjoy it, are missing out on important moments in your kids’ lives or can’t stop to do the things you love, that’s probably not ideal and I think recent global events have highlighted that for many, especially busy professionals,”

“Now, more people are searching for ways to bring more balance back to their lives and want to prioritise what’s important, and property development, in partnership with those who know the industry inside and out, is a great pathway to doing that.”

Property Development – A Potential Option

While there was a higher-than normal level of uncertainty in the property market, being driven by the flow-on effect of COVID-19, savvy investors were actively looking for development opportunities.

“Superior properties will always be in demand and, now more than ever, people realise how important their home is. So the prediction is that, moving forward, buyers will be more focused than ever on selecting houses that allow them to live in comfort,” he said.

“That presents a great opportunity for property developers who work to deliver exceptional homes to the market as they will be highly sought after and people will likely be more willing to pay a premium for them.”

Zegna Building’s Expertise

Having carved a niche in the medium density/multi-level apartment space, Zegna shares its vast knowledge and experience with its clients.

“We undertake our own developments so we’re at the coal face and understand every facet of property development/ investment and, most importantly, what the market wants in terms of design, size, location, target markets, sales and marketing, which we pass on to our clients,” said Mr Zupanovich.

“We’re a one stop shop – we find the sites, arrange construction finance, achieve development approvals, design and construct the project, arrange sales and marketing, and more – which is ideal for investors who tend to be busy, higher-wealth individuals working long hours.

“Property development is a powerful way to transform your life for the better and, with the right team guiding you, it can be a simple process that can not only set you up but also establish financial freedom for you and your family.”

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