If you are a business owner, hopefully you know the answer to this question.  If not, its time to find one!


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In Part 1 we introduced you to the importance of being able to answer this vital question for your business.

In this Part 2, we provide some guidance on how to find the answer if you don’t already know it…

Switch from Hunting to Attracting

Being able to answer this question well has many benefits for your business.

A key one is that you can make the switch from hunting for customers, to attracting them.

This is an invaluable shift in the way you approach getting a customer, obtaining a sale and fuelling the growth of your business.

Marketing, advertising and sales haven’t really changed a whole lot over time, only the medium (or media) through which it is done has changed.

Most marketing, advertising and sales is a process of hunting, a process of pursuit.

But the best form of marketing, advertising and sales is to attract ideal customers, through a magnetic reason for choosing you.

If you don’t know the answer, what hope do your customers have of finding one

Finding the Answer

You are probably right now thinking of reasons why your customers should choose you.

Some ideas that may come to mind include –

  • You are cheaper than your competitors – Be very, very careful here, as few businesses truly win by being the cheapest. Certainly not for any length of time.
  • You can be trusted – Very important, but for the most part trust is earned. Have you truly earned it and how do your prospective clients know you really can be trusted?
  • You are the new kid on the block, an innovator, a disrupter – Okay, but this likely won’t be the case for long.
  • You have experience – Important, but you aren’t the only one, and just because you have been doing something a long time doesn’t ‘of itself’ mean you are good at it.
  • You are qualified – Again very important, but it’s unlikely this stands you apart from your competitors.

Hopefully we haven’t discouraged you too much. But you may now be scratching your head as to your answer.

So here is what to do next…

Ask your existing customers why they choose you!

Surveying your existing customers is an invaluable, insightful tool for drilling down into the real reasons your customers are choosing you.

You may well be surprised by what the answers are.

Of course, you can overdo the survey thing, so be careful not to inconvenience your customers too much. Plus, don’t make the mistake of believing ‘the customer is always right’.

Because the truth is they are not always right.

But there is still much to be learned from a well-crafted survey of a targeted audience who are representative of your ideal customer.