The question you must be able to answer!

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If you are a business owner, hopefully you know the answer to this question.

Though chances are you actually don’t, at least not in a manner that you can easily distil and deliver when put on the spot.

And if that is the case you aren’t alone.

Business Success Left to Chance

In our experience, the majority of business owners are in the same position, and this is a big concern.

Because every time a customer does, or doesn’t, choose you, they are asking themselves this question (admittedly often subconsciously) and the answer they come up with determines the action they take.

So if you don’t know the answer, what hope do your customers have of coming up with one?

Or to put it another way, if you don’t have an answer, or even if you do but you haven’t communicated it to your potential customers, you are leaving their buying decision to chance.

They could land anywhere, and by the law of averages it won’t be with you.

This means your business’ success and survival is uncertain, relying on luck alone, with no predictability or certainty as to its ongoing performance.

This is a problem we recommend you address promptly if you are seeking real business success.

The Full Version

The first step, is consider the full version of the question –


Why should your potential customers choose you,

over every other option which is available to them,

including the option of doing nothing?


Finding the Answer

And the right answer should be –

  • Clear – That doesn’t mean it has to be simple (though that helps), but it certainly needs to be comprehensible and relatable.
  • Concise – It may have layers, it may have multiple elements, but it needs to be readily recalled by your customers (even if subconsciously).
  • Compelling – If it is not, it will not encourage your customers to act.
  • Communicated – Easily and in a manner which holds your customers attention and which they can internalise, ready to be recalled next time a buying decision is to be made.

And most importantly…

  • It must Differentiate you from all the other options available to your customers.

Watch out for Part 2 as we discuss the benefits of knowing the answer, and how to formulate it.