Recent Xero Price Changes

As you will recall, last year’s Xero price increase (which was supposed to take place in March 2020) was thankfully delayed due to the pandemic.

However, the reprieve has come to an end and all Xero users on a Business Plan will now see a small increase of $2 per month on their subscription fee.

The new Plan rates are illustrated below…

CapitalQ Clients Where Xero is Included in Your Fixed Price Agreement

For Clients to whom we provide access to Xero as an inclusion in your Fixed Price Agreement, the good news is there will be no change in your agreed fee, instead we will absorb the price increase!

CapitalQ Client NOT On a Fixed Price Agreement

For those Clients where Xero is not included under a Fixed Price Agreement, your next invoice will reflect the price increase.  Your monthly direct debited amount will also reflect this new amount.

Cashbook Plans Avoid the Price Rise

For those Clients on Cashbook or Payroll Only plans the good news is there is no increase on the cost of these plans (Note: the Ledger plan referred to in the illustration is only available to accountants so it doesn’t apply to any of our Clients).

For those unsure whether they are on a Business or a Cashbook Plan…. If you can issue Invoices to your customers, and / or track Bills owing to your suppliers, then you are on a Business Plan.  If you can not do these things, you are on a Cashbook Plan (and therefore are not impacted by this change).

Further Details about the Changes

  • The price changes relate to subscribers on Starter, Standard and Premium plans (as indicated below) in Australia only!  These plans are referred to as Business Plans.
  • There’s no price change for Cashbook, Ledger (not relevant to Clients of CapitalQ) and Payroll Only plans (also likely not relevant to CapitalQ Clients).
  • Any optional extras you have as part of your subscription, such as Expense Claims, Projects, Inventory, etc are not subject to the price increase.
  • The increase is effective 1 March 2021.  This means your invoice for the month of March from CapitalQ will reflect the price increase.  These invoices are likely to be issued in the first week of April.
  • If you pay your Xero invoices from CapitalQ by direct debit, the amount debited will be automatically updated in April to reflect the new invoice amount.

New Plan Rates Effective 1 March 2021