To paraphrase the well-known saying, the truth will set you free, but first it has to sting at least a little, maybe even a lot!

So if we are right, and your marketing really does suck, whether you have a ‘marketing company’ or not, we hope you can handle the pain of this reminder and use it as impetus to change.

If you are still resisting, there is another maxim you may wish to consider…

You can be good at making excuses, or you can be good at making money, you can’t be good at both!

So what can you do about it?

We find when things aren’t going as well as we hope, there is usually something about the situation we don’t know or something we don’t understand.

So first step is to make the decision to find out what it is, and then go about bridging the knowledge gap!

You see there is nothing wrong with not knowing it all today. We don’t have a problem with someone being broke, nor with someone being uninformed. But we do have a problem with them accepting that fact, and choosing to stay that way!

So lets start with what we believe are basic principles of marketing –

Principle One – A terrible thing happens in your business when you stop, or never even start, marketing… NOTHING!

We have said it before, but you can be the best in the world at what you do, but if the world doesn’t know about it, you can never be truly successful.

And the vast majority of small businesses simply do nothing, at least nothing of any consequence, when it comes to their marketing, and accordingly they get nothing in return.

Principle Two – There is no money in your product or service. All the money is in the marketing of your product or service.

Your product or service may be the greatest thing to mankind. But if you can’t convey this to your potential customers, it isn’t worth what it costs you to produce. The profit only comes when you can convey your message to an audience who will listen, and who can and will act upon their newfound knowledge.

Watch out for Part 2 for Principles Three to Five…

Or better yet…

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