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"How to Uncover up to $10,000 in Hidden Monthly Profits You Never Knew Existed in Your Business"

SPECIAL GUEST: Australia’s #1 Marketing Genius Mal Emery Unveils “The 5 GAME CHANGER PRINCIPLES To Guaranteed Success in any Business”.

PLUS: How to Legally Pay $1,000s of Dollars Less Tax Even if You Thought You Never Could.

Read on to discover CRITICALLY IMPORTANT INFORMATION you will learn at our FREE 2 Hour Evening Workshop (refundable $97 deposit required to secure your seat) if you want to make more profit and legally pay less tax

  • The #1 SECRET AND THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT ADVANTAGE you can have in business that determines how much money you make and how hard you work for it
  • Revealed, HOW TO DOMINATE YOUR CATEGORY OR NICHE USING A SIMPLE TACTIC that causes prospects and clients to eagerly and willingly choose to spend their money with you as opposed to your competitor
  • Why you should consider yourself an Investor (even when you own a business) and HOW TO PROFIT FROM THIS STRATEGIC SHIFT
  • The BIG DISTINCTION BETWEEN THE RICH AND THE POOR BUSINESS OWNERS and what separates broke, mediocre and average income earners from a 7‐figure income earner
  • The single BIGGEST “LIFE CHANGING” tax concession that could be the difference between retiring in LUXURY or wallowing in self‐pity and REGRET!

PLUS you will learn…

  • The 1 THING Mal did (that anyone can do) that took what is now a business icon from losing $500k in the first 6 months to now being VALUED AT OVER A QUARTER OF A BILLION DOLLARS
  • The #1 SKILL, the KEY OF ALL KEYS and the BREAKTHROUGH OF ALL BREAKTHROUGHS to massive success, you must master to survive and thrive today in business
  • HOW TO BOOST YOUR INCOME NOW and lift you to an entirely new level of attraction of the kind of clients most likely to pay you wads of money and be glad they did
  • The 1 THING WE DO THAT YOU MUST DO TO DOMINATE YOUR CATEGORY OR NICHE that literally everyone, even the gurus, will tell you not to do that has transformed my income and my high paying clients’ income
  • How to ensure you COMPLY WITH ALL YOUR REGULATORY OBLIGATIONS QUICKLY AND EASILY and finally get the Government off your back
  • Who actually pays most of the tax in Australia (you will be surprised and it is worse than you think) and what you should do to ensure you legally pay less
  • How business owners use Tax Planning to CLIMB THE INCOME AND WEALTH LADDER and catapult themselves above salary and wage earners
  • Learn our “3 FAIL SAFE PRINCIPLES” for Legally Maximising your Tax Minimisation

4 FREE BONUS GIFTS valued at $100 plus just for attending…

  • Bonus Gift 1 ‐ a FREE copy of our Guide “The Savvy Business Owners and Investor Guide to Choosing the Right Accountant and Adviser for Today’s Economic Climate” valued at $49.00
  • Bonus Gift 2 ‐ a FREE copy of Mal’s book “Crisis Exposed – Recession Proof Your Business and Income (Secrets Exposed How to Survive and Thrive in any Economic Climate)” valued at $29.95
  • Bonus Gift 3 – Entry into the CapitalQ “Business Booster Competition” for a chance to WIN a $100,000 Business Cash Injection (Tax Free)
  • PLUS ‐ Beer, Wine, Cheese & Crackers provided at the event Real Client Case Studies

Real Client Case Studies

“We estimate the tax savings at around $200,000”
Wally & Rose Moroz
Foundation Directors, Blackwood River Clinic

“Recent advice directly resulted in a $10k to $15k increase in our bottom line PER MONTH!”
Mike & Rachel Henderson
Henderson Shearing and Badgingarra Roadhouse


Duncan Melbin CapitalQ Founder
Mal Emery #1 Marketing Genius
Kapil Bhasin Chief Tax Saving Strategist
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Who:CapitalQ Business Advisers & Chartered Accountants

Where:123A Royal Street, East Perth

When:September 3, 2019 6:00 pm

Cost:$97 (Deposit refundable on attendance)

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